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My Story

A great photo is designed to do two things: tell a story and make viewers feel something. Every person has a story to tell and I want to record the story in that exact moment. The best photos are rarely posed, but rather they are captured in a moment of joy, laughter, beauty, darkness, goofiness, or thoughtfulness. If they are posed, that's fine too, but I want to make sure something about each person's personality is highlighted.

Things that I am:  a mom, a wife, a friend, a traveler, an avid reader, a writer, a cereal fanatic. I am a cat person who also loves dogs, and I have quite possibly the most type-A dog alive and the most relaxed cats.  I am someone who can find humor in almost anything. I am a storyteller who believes that there are multiple ways to weave a tale.

My master's degree is in literature and I taught high school for 10 years as well as college writing courses, and through teaching, I learned patience. I believe you will feel my patience through the lens of my camera and will relax into your time with me. I don't come with a lot of equipment; I usually come with simply a camera, a lens, and an open mind. My favorite photography teacher told me that I see the world upside down. Use that, he said, and make us feel something. I hope to do just that.

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